your bag is sold on deal sites which has strict quality control and authenticity is proven”. Only minor issue I have is that there’s no tag inside that indicates where the bag is made in. I hope you find time to authenticate the pictures I sent to you thru email. send me pictures please!! Many many thanks again Susan for your great site. I think you mean that it’s 18.5 inches lying flat? Not sure about the Nickel and Bronze tags. Thanks for this helpful site. Did Longchamp ever make Le Pliage in a “color block” two color bag? I sent you an email for authentication. Is there a chance that the mini black ones with the matte black handles (instead of leather) could have no jockey inprint at all or arethey defnitely fake then? Though I am very much aware on how to spot an authentic bag vs a fake bag, I learned a lot MORE from your post! Model Name On my fake, the words modèle déposé are missing the accent marks. Thank you – I know she wont doubt me, but I know she’ll have that unspoken doubts she wont tell ( oh Ladies). Thank you! Mmm i also have this code number…. I can't decide whether to just get another Longchamps exactly the same style etc or go different. Hi Susan! Can you please help me with the code of it? The snap should read “ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B”. Many thanks! Fake: Handles are too short and size of the bags are smaller or larger than what it should be. I am thrilled to say that I too have what I am now sure is a real Longchamp. I purchased a bag from Ebay a few weeks ago. Are the pliage large and XL available with long handles? 0965669 someone told me they do and i never noticed. Ya if you check the guide, it does state that the newest versions are written like that! Hey there, I would just like to know that whether is there any edition of the tote bag with a full colored striking gold one which is being used by my girlfriend. Thank you this is a great site. The ones made in France are typically distributed in Europe. Hi Jen! Thank you sooo much! GREAT article! I have a Longchamp bag that I bought at a major department store in California some years ago (Neiman? Thanks again! The snap reads differently then mentioned above. I have a limited edition from a few years ago and it too says made in France. please help. Could this still be authentic? Hello Susan, Now I just bought a LM pink gold medium short handle. Hi Susan, Many thanks again, Finally gave in and got myself one and I love it!! Bought the clay grey colour and was told it’s a seasonal colour, hi I just purchased a navy Le Pliage Tote and tag inside does not say longchamp paris it just has made in china 0687240 CLA LIG 02 1621089006 and the horse is a little off center is it a fake ? it is in fact authentic, but i read somewhere that le pliages nowadays are made in china, but my bag says made in france. Unfortunately, I found it AFTER I already purchased two bags on ebay. However, I cannot find any tag that show where the bag was made in or serial number. Hi. The one I have acquired is “FAKE”. Special note on Type “L” and Type “XL”: You’ll notice that there is a hole on one side on the leather corners (The side where the zipper pull will close up the bag). Thank you so much for your very detailed review on authentic longchamp bags… I was just confused with one of your replies here in your blog with cynthia’s concern on whether L and XL sizes come with long handle. I just bought a makeup case on ebay and the zipper is plastic and no YKK. Le Pliage Top Handle Bag from Longchamp featuring a zip and snap button closure, top handles, detachable and adjustble shoulder strap, silver toned hardware and 1 main interior compartment with a patch pocket. The tag says made in France. Can you please confirm? Not sure if the logo indentation can be felt. $220.00 $ 220. Wonderful and extremely thorough, definitely wish you had one of these for other types of bags. I think that since its new its a bit airy and squishy. Thanks. A friend of a friend sold me a pre-owned LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” at a really low price. Hi, Cynthia. MA DE IN CHINA Am thinking of purchasing this one on eBay and the seller has agreed to let me inspect it before purchasing but can you please let me know if you think it’s a fake or real and are there any key aspects of the bag I should look out for when I make my inspection? My concern now is at the back of the flap , where it usually says the type of tote it is, the Miaou bag that I got only says: and it was accented correctly. It is great and very informative! Thank you for going into such detail, absolutely brilliant! Respectfully, Déplié, il offre espace et élégance avec ses garnitures cuir et ses coloris de saison., I just bought a longchamp “cabas” off of ebay, and everything checked out (including style numbers and small details such as the accents on the words), except the feel of the leather is different than my other longchamp bags. “SAC À DOS”: Backpack Model In deparatment store (I think Bloomingdales) I saw it with a long handle. The second and third accent marks on the E are pointing up to the right. Mine has no visible accent marks on the e’s. The “G” in LONGCHAMP is also quite clearly engraved. im not sure whether there are made in france le pliage backpacks around. Hi, I wonder if you also have a “how to spot fake longchamp le pliage neo” blog? But when I looked closely on the zipper pull, it says ‘LONCCHAMP’ even the snaps on the leather flap says the same. Thank you for this! sac quadri longchamp – Ereh Does this mean that the large tote i’ve just purchased is fake? Thank you for this detailed information. Thanks for your guide; it was really detailed and helpful! Your guide has been super helpful but I’d like you to personally take a look at a green Le Pliage I bought online. Sorry I can’t answer your question properly without pictures! That’s how I spot fakes from a few feet distance. Goyard, trunkmaker, travel bags, … I want to buy handbag on this webside, but I do not know, wheter is it ok. What do you think? I’ve abused my bag quite badly by putting heavy things like heavy textbooks and my laptop at the same time, almost on a daily basis, and its still good after 3 years! a entertainment account it. Can you help me to authenticate? Opens image gallery. Longchamp Le Pliage Club Large Shoulder Tote. Everything checks out, except the “leather” feels very stiff and looks flat, and I’m also concerned about the wording on the back. montres femmes Longchamp reebok Longchamp 3500c tapis roulant recherche sac longchamps pas cher xbox main longchamp 3d Sac Longchamp Pliage sac. Can you help me? I have two small bags and they have it but my large bag does not. Photo Credit: Fuldashop, AUTHENTIC OLD MODEL 3. I just bought a le Pliage Planetes from Poshmark. It seems to be for all the other models. i was in doubt when i got the hold of it but when i read this article, I am so glad I got an authentic one. more delivered agreeable from you! Help me out please! only the first 4 codes are correct but my edition is Sarah Morris 2014 and i think with the codes they’re indicating are most likely from the older ones. Hope you can help me out if its authentic or fake. 0. communicate? This item is no longer available. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Nylon Tote. One red flag is if a seller is selling hundreds of the nylon or neo longchamp bags at 50-80 % off all year round… what kind of seller can afford to lose money. She said she received it as a gift from her friend who bought it in Spain. Thanks heaps for the sharing this very educational and detailed post! Hi, may i know whats the different between outlet and boutique stock for longchamp? EN TH . The detail is pretty amazing. Thank you! The only problem is the product code. Hi, I stumbled upon this blog and I fell in love! . Menu. Can you decipher any of the codes? I would be very grateful if you could help me. I just wonder if there is a distinct smell of the inner lining, what I got smells like a newly printed tarpaulin. Fake: Can have a lightly-indented fish-scale texture, round or uneven pebble-like texture, or smooth. Or you can tell the salesperson to give you a Made in France regular Le Pliage. Yes you can assume that your bag is real if all the details match whether or not you have the care card. Is that an authentic Le Pliage bag? Could you give us the same to-check list for LMs? From shop Supazzo. I just want to ask if you have any tips on how to know if a Longchamp Maroquinerie in navy blue is authentic? This is such a helpful guide! Hi Sandy, all the handles are usually firm in the beginning, but wear down and become soft, but please send me pictures! One question: when you list the dimensions of the “M” — you say it’s 20.5 inches long lying flat, but also that it’s 20.5 inches from zipper pull to zipper pull! LE PLIAGE TRAVEL. I would really appreciate any help and answers! But with this guide, I was able to confirm that the bag I have is authentic. It says Longchamp top and bottom. You can still feel the indent though! I have been trying to figure out if my Le Pliage Small that my sister game me over 10 years ago was fake. But at the back of the flap, it’s written ‘Longchamp’ then below ‘Le Pliage Shopping – Modele Depose’. Now I’m not sure if its authentic. I just got my very first Longchamp today from a friend who’s selling it because the tote is too small for her mom (i got Le Pliage “Shopping”, small long handle, Sarah Morris 2014). From shop SenamonBagOrganizer. Thank you so much! Looking forward to it. Longchamp Shoulder Bag Blue Ladies Bag Sac Le Pliage Néo Handbag. MADE IN FRANCE Thanks! Came online looking for information and came across your site. Wow. Its made in france but the code doesnt match it reads 1602089HK015. Anyway, reading this post and checking every detail mentioned above (details that were not mentioned in other blogs -the color of the thread used, the style number on the tag, the “45” on the zipper, the accent marks on the E) I could say without any doubt left that the tote that I got is authentic. kindly help.. tnx.. ive already sent a photo on you’re email.. kindly help.. tnx.. ive already sent a photo on your email. Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack . I was checking on your website and it’s quite impressive how you managed to spot all the differences between the fake and the authentic one. many thanks for sharing all these info-very enlightening! Hi susan! I gladly can say my Le Pliage Shopping Modele Depose in Camel (Medium Long Handle Tote, “SHOPPING”) is authentic. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into it, the photos and descriptions are thorough and amazing. It seems a little flat? Instead it says ORIGINIAL PRYM 6/48 around the button. Longchamp is a French luxury leather goods company, founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain.. Jean Cassegrain produced the world's first luxury leather-covered pipes, then expanded into small leather goods, such as wallets, passport covers, etc.. Longchamp launched its first women handbag in 1971 and became one of France's leading leather goods makers. Information . Kindly advise on this. Could you help me identify more information about the bag? ... LONGCHAMPS Le Pliage "Ext" Extendable Shopper Tote RARE *Made In France* SUBLIME. – Is marked with a “YKK” and “T” on both sides of the zipper, and a “45” Wow! Glad I helped! I cannot found it on the official list. Authentic: What us your opinion please. Not sure how I lucked out, but this stay at home mommy (on a very tight budget) did the happy dance right in the middle of the isle! i was checking my bag while reading your post and it turned out my bag from china is authentic, from the button to the color of lining inside based on the color code. Authentic: Has a really rich tan/cognac color, with a red/orange undertone. But that didn’t seem accurate after reading your page and looking at pictures online at nordstrom and the actual Longchamp site. Like Snob Affair on Facebook | Follow Snob Affair on Twitter | I’m finally on Instagram! Hi Susan!! It is the France/Paris zipper pull, with “Les Pliages Longchamp Type “M”” on the back. Fake: Thanks so much! This would also be very helpful. I purchased a bag at a consignment store the measurements match up to the XL bag with short handle, black flap and handles. Can you help me to figure out , this LC i bought authentic or not? This is just right below the flap on the outside. STITCHING Thanks for such a comprehensive guide! I live in the states and just want to make sure I get a real one! Do you have idea how on it? sort of greenish-yellow interior color, Good day, can you help me? All the best. ... Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Top-Handle Bag Medium Black One Size. Do you know of a seller on ebay that sells authentic Thank you for this very detailed guide. or, LE PLIAGE LONGCHAMP – TYPE “L” My goodness. (Perhaps at least 8 years ago) I was just wondering if, regardless of if it’s an older model or newer model, the bag should come with a plastic tab on the inside? General. except that the diamond pattern is cause by not-so diagonal lines, more of horizontal lines. My bag matches all the above items to be authentic except the inside snap on the flap. So, can I say that my bag is authentic eventhough it does not have a care card? IMHO the missed stitch is a tell-tale sign. Hi Elena, It seems like it’s in great condition, so if it’s 10 years old, that might be kind of fishy. I appreciate for you reply, thanks a lot. and it doesnt have the inner indentation for its flap. 6. But after using it for 3 months, I noticed that the leather handles turned to blue. LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ Check for the hyphen ( – ). Only certain boutiques in Asia carries stock that are made in China. the stitching does double up on corners and in some other areas because those areas can have a lot of strain if you carry a lot of weight. Hi Susan! However you have listed that “SHOPPING” model Long Handle, there is only Small & Medium Tote. Just send in any details and pics to, Great Site. Longchamp 'Large Le Pliage Neo' Nylon Tote Shoulder Bag, Black. Shop authentic longchamp at up to 90% off. I love the simple bag because of the stylish design and functionality. Hi, is this a fake site: Le sac shopping porté épaule de la ligne Le Pliage de chez Longchamp vous accompagne partout au quotidien. Thanks. I did send you an email with the pics last Saturday. Thanks. I’ve seen so many posts in that are claiming to sell “authentic” large long handle longchamp bags (am eyeing to buy a patch poney).. Hello! hi susan, Can you help authenticate this bag? AA for France, AE for China. If the interior of the Longchamp Le Pliage is white, while the exterior is say, Black, Yellow, or Chocolate – does that mean the bag is fake? I sent you an email regarding my LC that I bought online. (then a line with all of the washing instruction symbols). COLOR Oct 29, 2015 @ 08:27. THIS POST WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HELPFUL!!! What’s the code for the patch poney pls? Very weird. Can you please tell me the correct color code for Cyclamen? Also, paperbags, plastic packaging, stickers have already been counterfeited. pls help. Wow – fantastic post! Image not available. Wow! I will sent photos on your email..Thanks . This really is THE super guide. Do you know any other blue tones I could google to find out or other sites with colours of past collections? LONGCHAMP PARIS Is your bag new? New Longchamp Le Pliage Neo 1621 – Brown - Small - Made in France. Just purchased a Longchamp Shopper off eBay and fear it may be a fake. Susan, you are a gem, thank you so much for producing this fantastic report. Do you think you can do the same for the Planetes range ? Can you please let me know if there is a black Miaou Le Pliage Longchamp or if I should be worying about getting a refund? There are only 2 sizes for the long handle totes. sac longchamp pas cher fr recherche sac longchamps pas cher ebay longchamp limited edition uk flag regent street bag sac drapeau grande bretagne Sac a Main NEW LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE EIFFEL TOWER eBay. But steer clear from “outlet” sites, some might show a picture of a real one but they might send one that is fake! Everything checked out for me but the dimensions. I’m wanted to buy from this certain online store a LC bag. 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. Awaiting you reply ASAP, as I’m so glad I found this! sac longchamp pliage. Hi Susan. So it sounds like they would’ve brought in the China versions into Europe as well? It is very obvious and shouldn’t take long at all, e.g: pattern on leather flap does not have diagonal parallel lines, no plastic reinforcement on inside buttons, stiffening rope inside the handles, and Guang Tong written on the button. Again, everything else indicates it’s original. As i check on every detail that you mentioned, and it really proved me that mine n my sis in law are both authentica, yay! Hi I’m hoping that someone can help me figure out if this bag is real or not. Especially if the bag is used for 8 years and to travel a lot carrying many things inside. Inspiré par l'origami, Longchamp réinvente LE PLIAGE, un sac pliable et léger, devenu culte dans le monde entier. Hope to hear from you the soonest. The chart states white but mine is beige. THANK YOU! I just bought a 2nd hand Longchamp Shopping in black nylon long handles. users to pay a quick visit the web site, that’s what this web site is It is older purse, but new with tags. could you help me authenticate my Black Longchamp Le Pliage MSH. I have a small and medium “SHOPPING” bag, and I noticed that the small version (which is older than my medium one) had a more prominent and visible indentation than the medium., Hi, Thank you for the very nice review. Size Info. The seller said it’s 100% Authentic and upon checking all your guidelines it does seem real. Mine is the small shopping version and the guide, which is absolutely excellent, indicates that it IS the real thing in every detail. THank you so much! It feels genuine but can’t find anything like it anywhere… Anyone help me? However according to this site