[32], Le Pen blamed the 2017 social unrest in French Guiana on illegal immigration. [29] Le Pen has called for a moratorium on legal immigration. [93], In May 2011, she claimed that the "old institutions" such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) were "expired", and advocated the replacement of the WTO by an 'International Trade Organization', founded on the principles of protectionism, and support for small and medium enterprises. Right", "Marine Le Pen: 7 immediate steps to save €30 billion a year", "Laurence Parisot denounces the National Front's "demagogic" economic programme", "The MEDEF does not like our economic and social programme: so what's new? [15][32] She accused Nicolas Sarkozy of imposing health-care immigration on the French people. Ne jouons pas avec le feu et mobilisons-nous pour que Marine Le Pen soit reconduite à la frontière de la vie politique par le vote des Français». [47] Le Pen replied that "the FN is not a friend of the CAC 40 and is fighting the social regression brought about by MEDEF and inflicted on the French people by the allies of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and the Socialist Party (PS)". She expressed the view that "citizens are always the first victims of the IMF", using the examples of Argentina in 2001 and Greece in 2010-11. [45] She claimed that the "Havana Charters's proposals perfectly fit into her economic philosophy"[25] and that "its first article conciliates international trade and employment". [85][86] In a press conference in front of the National Assembly on 6 September 2011, she denounced the approval by MPs of the second Greek bailout plan. ", "Contre la corruption, un nouveau partenariat pour l'Afrique", "Ivorian crisis: exclusive interview with Marine Le Pen (page 6)", "Ivorian crisis: exclusive interview with Marine Le Pen (page 7)", "Marine Le Pen's questions to the European Commission", "Subject: EU sanctions against Côte d'Ivoire (parliamentary questions)", "Kagame en France : un double scandale ! [126], In a speech at the FN congress in Tours in January 2011, she noted that France is present in three oceans and is the second largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, covering 11 million km2. She would seek to implement "contracts of cooperation" for goods like coffee which are not produced in Europe. [49] She also described Parisot as "the exact opposite of her democratic and republican project, a project of hope which puts back man and nation in the centre of politics". She thus advocates the abolition of the IMF. [79] Quoting extracts from a book by French economist Alain Cotta, she claimed that devaluation of the franc would not bring about inflation. Alain Anziani s'indigne dans un communiqué que l'entreprise qui emploie 1 000 personnes sur sa commune ait été écartée de l'appel d'offre pour la maintenance de Falcon de la Marine. Pour exercer vos droits. She stated that her goal was to become "the personification of national ambition and to return to France a spirit of greatness and an awareness of its place in history". Pour la présidente du Rassemblement national, il s'agit de "la démonstration de l'effondrement de ... Chaque matin à 7h30, recevez l'actu du jour dans votre boîte mail. [93], Marine Le Pen claims that "while Africa struggles to find the ways of growth and thus future prosperity, while starvation or disease decimate millions of innocent souls, while skillfully maintained conflicts discourage the most dynamic and talented African elites, French-African relations are marred by an unforgivable misdemeanour: corruption". Des responsables LREM nuancent les propos de Gérald Darmanin, Marine Le Pen-Gérald Darmanin : l’islam radical au cœur du débat, Le débat entre Gérald Darmanin et Marine Le Pen, le plan pour l'égalité des chances... Les informés du vendredi 12 février. [104] On 30 May 2011, she wrote to Members of Parliament about dual citizenship, describing it as "one of the main ferments of breach of the republican cohesion that France needs more than ever and a potent brake on the assimilation of French people from immigration". Le symbole d'un intérêt croissant pour la question écologique et d'un nouveau pas vers la "normalisation... C'est le dernier salon à la mode, et il n'est pas rare d'y croiser des ministres, actuels ou anciens. [24] She proposes the replacement of the World Trade Organization,[25][26] and the abolition of the International Monetary Fund. [14][44] She also stated that the UMP government planned a "progressive privatization of the French Social Security system from 2011", imposed by the financial markets. Le Premier ministre a été interrogé mardi soir sur un sondage qui donne la cheffe de file du Rassemblement national au coude-à-coude avec le président de la République au second tour de la présid... La BBC diffuse ce lundi soir un entretien avec Marine Le Pen. [148], In a statement about the death of Osama bin Laden, she welcomed his "salutary elimination" and described his execution as "a right and appropriate answer to the death of the victims in the 2011 Marrakech bombing". ", "Libya : the National Front's reservations are confirmed", "Marine Le Pen expresses herself about Libya", "Dispatch of military advisers to Libya: Nicolas Sarkozy sinks France into this new Afghanistan ! [135], In a statement on 20 July 2011, Le Pen wrote that if Belgium split due to Flanders declaring independence, "the French republic would do well to welcome Wallonia to its heart", adding that "on this eve of the Belgian National Day, it is nevertheless the responsibility of France and the French to extend a hand to the Walloons", and that "the historic and fraternal links that unite our two people are too strong for France to abandon the Walloons". [25][26], She has described the IMF as "an infernal machine at the service of the ultraliberal ideology" and "an extremely harmful institution", arguing that the IMF's structural adjustment plans "systematically result in privatization of public utilities, dismantling of the state, a drop in salaries and pensions, and removal of protections at borders". She noted that "the United Nations' mandate had largely been overstepped", that "the war dragged on" and that "the deaths of civilians increased". [59][60][61][62][63] According to Le Pen, the state "has the authority to be the guarantor of public utilities, being the exclusive owner of the strategic companies of public utility and the regulator of tariffs". [97][98][99][100] During a press conference in Rome on 15 March 2011, she said the situation in Lampedusa showed "the helplessness of the EU" and how "each nation is more efficient at dealing with the issue", and proposed some solutions. [109] She supports the abolition of dual citizenship and the automatic acquisition of French nationality. But I openly admit that, to some extent, I admire Vladimir Putin. [119], In an interviewed with Dutch station Radio 1 in June 2011, she said that unlike the leader of the PVV Geert Wilders, she was not "waging war against Islam", but "fighting the Islamisation of French society". [citation needed], Le Pen opposes the repeal of the 1975 Veil Law (French: Loi Veil). [72], She opposes the direct European tax favoured by the leaders of the European Parliament and European Commission, claiming that an indirect European tax already exists since France is a net annual contributor to the EU budget by up to 7 billion euros annually. [125], She has emphasised her commitment to France's territorial sovereignty, including overseas departments and territories. [109] As a result, she opposes affirmative action in favour of "republican meritocracy". Il a débat... Les sujets sécuritaires pourraient être au cœur de la présidentielle de 2022. She said: "Europe can't welcome everyone... We would be pleased to take them all in our boat, but it's not big enough. Sans éluder évidemment le scrutin présidentiel de 2022, l’homme fort d’EELV se présentant comme alternative au duel annoncé entre Emmanuel Macron et Marine Le Pen. Pour Marine Le Pen (RN), le débat organisé avec Gérald Darmanin (LREM), jeudi 11 février 2021, sur France 2, a fait office d’entraînement. [19] She has called for a referendum on France leaving the EU. She claims that an unfavourable socio-economic background is a determining factor for the majority of women who have had an abortion. We'll all go to the bottom. [38] A laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics (1988), Allais had expressed reservations about the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the single European currency, free trade and globalization and the 2004 European Constitution. [23], Le Pen opposes free trade and autarky, and advocates protectionism as a middle way. She also favours policies aimed at increasing the birth rate. Politique : que retenir du grand débat entre Gérald Darmanin et Marine Le Pen ? ", "Marine Le Pen's letter to the French MPs about dual citizenship", "The dual citizenship upsets the majority of French people (opinion column)", "In 2005, Marine Le Pen already spoke about secularism ! Marine Le Pen is a French politician, who is the President of the National Rally (RN). Loi «séparatisme» : un débat entre Gérald Darmanin et Marine Le Pen le 11 février sur France 2. Vite, le patriotisme économique pour défendre nos emplois ! Ça, ce n'est pas l'État de droit", dénonce Marine Le Pen, Vaccin contre le Covid-19 de Sanofi : "C'est pire qu'un retard, c'est un véritable plantage", estime Marine Le Pen. [20] She has been a vocal opponent of the Treaty of Lisbon,[21] and opposes EU membership for Turkey and Ukraine. In reply to a statement from MRAP, she expressed the view that "the Norwegian slaughter was the work of a lone lunatic who must be ruthlessly punished". [107], On 8 June 2011, Marine Le Pen and Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the Freedom Party of Austria, held a joint press conference in the European Parliament about "globalization, migration and economic threats in the EU",[134] aimed at strengthening the ties between their organisations and also with other eurosceptic parties. Le ministre de l'Intérieur a accusé à plusieurs reprises la présidente du Rassemblement nationale de "mollesse" sur les questions de laïcité lors de l'émission de France 2 "Vous avez la parole". La majorité mise beaucoup sur la confrontation prévue jeudi soir sur France 2 entre le ministre de l'Intérieur et la candidate du Rassemblement national. [32], Le Pen expressed her approval at the results of a Swiss referendum of 28 November 2010, when voters approved a popular initiative to deport foreign nationals convicted of crimes, describing the result as the "great victory of the Swiss people against the ruling elite". [39][40], She favours the repeal of the 1973 Pompidou-Giscard Law, which makes it illegal for France to borrow at zero or a low rate of interest from the Banque de France and forces the country to borrow at a higher rate on the international financial markets. [21][42] In her view, the Treaty of Lisbon is identical to the European Constitution rejected by voters in referendums in France and in the Netherlands,[74] and therefore should not have been passed by the French parliament without another referendum. [30][114][115] She considers the construction, maintenance and funding of places of worship to be a matter for groups of worshippers operating within a regulated framework. She supports a corporate tax which varies according to the destination of profits: heavier when the profits benefit shareholders and lighter when the profits are used for profit sharing, salaries, employment and productive investment. [107] In February 2011, after Cameron expressed a rejection of multiculturalism during a speech at the Munich Security Conference,[108] Le Pen congratulated him again for what she claimed was an endorsement of the FN's views on the failure of multiculturalism and immigration. [123] However, she rescinded the party's traditional support for the death penalty with her February 2017 campaign launch, instead announcing a policy of life imprisonment for the most serious crimes. [73], She has described the Treaty of Lisbon as the "gravedigger of the independence and identity of European nations" and the "executioner of public utilities in the name of a cult of profitability and free competition – both mortal enemies of public interest". Déçus, de plus en plus d'électeurs venus de la gauche, qui avaient été séduits par Emmanuel Macron ou avaient voulu faire barrage à Marine Le Pen au second tour, en 2017, rejettent à présent le "front... Dans un point presse tenu mardi 9 mars, Marine Le Pen a présenté son projet de référendum sur l’environnement. [23] She is currently campaigning for a referendum on France leaving the EU. The country is obligated to provide solutions to the development of radical Islam in the problematic regions". ", "15 new billions of French euro to Greece: one must stop squandering the money of French people", "Marine Le Pen denounces the 15 billions of Euro used for Greece (speech at the Pont de la Concorde)", "France's National Front Protests Greek Rescue, French Austerity", "France will pull out of NATO – Marine Le Pen speaks to Kommersant about her programme", "Afghanistan: Marine Le Pen seeks to leave the US sphere of influence", "Marine Le Pen replies to IMF after the publication of its yearly report on France", "Surge in illegal immigrants : when Europe proves the FN right", "Marine Le Pen's press briefing at Lampedusa", "French far-right leader visits Italian migrant island", "Marine Le Pen says Europe can't handle migrants", "French far-right leader visits migrant detention center in Italy", "Le Pen's anti-immigration visit puts heat on Sarkozy", "Marine Le Pen's press conference in Rome after her stay in Lampedusa", "Schengen : a French-Italian summit for anything", "Strikes Shut Down French Guiana, With Effects Resonating in Paris", "Marine Le Pen's press conference: "immigration-the real figures, "Swiss initiative: great victory of the Swiss people against the ruling elite", "National Front's Marine Le Pen to prove formidable rival to Nicolas Sarkozy", "Cameron promises to isolate hostile Muslims", "Marine Le Pen : "My irreproachable Republic, "Rachida Dati is wrong: ethnic affirmative action is indeed encouraged in France", "And if Marine Le Pen was the real brain of the FN?